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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Salicylate Intolerance Buying Guide With Links

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In May of 2017, I wrote an article for Genetic Literacy Project about my experience getting diagnosed with salicylate intolerance.

Salicylate intolerance, also called salicylate sensitivity, is an adverse reaction to aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS). Other common salicylate-containing medicines include Pepto-Bismol, muscle ointments, and topical acne treatments.

A subset of individuals can also react to salicylates in foods, toiletries, and cosmetics.

Martin Raithel et al. defines salicylate intolerance as "a nonspecific antigen-induced pseudo-allergic hypersensitivity reaction to salicylic acid, its derivatives or other related organic or inorganic acids."

Salicylates can be found in various fruits and vegetables; some herbs, spices, and cooking oils; and in several packaged foods, toiletries, and cosmetics. They can show up in the form of artificial colourings and flavourings, sodium benzoate, BHA, BHT, menthol, nitrates, and fragrances added to perfumes and other scented products.

Not all scented products have salicylates, but since "fragrance" or "perfume" on an ingredient list can sometimes contain thousands of individual ingredients that the company that makes the product does not have to disclose, a consumer with salicylate intolerance must often resort to trial and error to see if that product will cause a salicylate reaction.

Symptoms of a salicylate intolerance reaction can include hives, feeling faint or dizzy, low blood pressure, mild to moderate facial swelling, eye pain and watery eyes, headache, tinnitus, sinusitis, heart palpitations, fluid retention, and digestion problems. Other symptoms include vocal hoarseness, bloating, ulcers, colitis, myocarditis, hyperactivity, irritability, and in rare cases anaphylaxis.

Several internet sites have tried to reduce the chances of an accidental salicylate reaction by sharing product lists for those who have been diagnosed with salicylate intolerance or salicylate sensitivity.

I'd like to make the process even easier by providing a salicylate free and low salicylate product list WITH links. This salicylate intolerance buying guide/product list was created from my own list of what works for me, as well as lists from FibroFree, and the Salicylate Sensitivity website and forum.

Since companies have been known to change their ingredients from time to time, it's always important to read the ingredients list every time you buy.

I've starred the items that I use on a regular basis.

Image: Matthew Kane

Dry Shampoo

  1. Batiste "Clean & Classic" dry shampoo
  2. Bed Head "Dirty Secret" dry shampoo
  3. Dove "Refresh and Care" dry shampoo
  4. Pink House "Blondie" dry shampoo*

Regular Shampoo

  1. Alterna "Caviar Anti-Aging" shampoo*
  2. Dove "Daily Moisture" shampoo
  3. Finesse "Daily Renewal" shampoo
  4. Neutrogena "Anti-Residue" shampoo
  5. Pantene Pro-V shampoos (white bottles)
  6. TRESemme "24 Hour Body" shampoo
  7. TRESemme "Anti-Breakage" shampoo
  8. TRESemme "Moisture Rich" shampoo


  1. Alterna "Caviar Anti-Aging" conditioner*
  2. Dove "Daily Moisture" conditioner
  3. Finesse "Daily Renewal" conditioner
  4. Pantene Pro-V conditioners (white bottles)
  5. TRESemme "24 Hour Body" conditioner
  6. TRESemme "Anti-Breakage" conditioner
  7. TRESemme "Moisture Rich" conditioner

Hair Products -- Hairspray, Styling Products

  1. Alberto European "mega hold" hairspray
  2. Bed Head "Hard Head" hard hold hairspray
  3. Dippity Do "Sport" strong hold gel
  4. Dove "Style + Care" extra hold hairspray
  5. Got2b "Glossy" anti-frizz shine serum
  6. John Frieda "Luxurious Volume Perfectly Full" volumizing mousse
  7. Kenra "Platinum Texturizing Taffy" sculpting fiber creme
  8. Living Proof "Blowout" heat protection styling and finishing spray
  9. Living Proof "No Frizz Nourishing" styling cream*
  10. L'Oreal "Elnett Satin" extra strong hold unfragranced hairspray*
  11. L'Oreal "Studio Line Remix 24H" extra hold fibre paste
  12. Marc Anthony "Strictly Curls" curl defining lotion*
  13. Pantene "Pro-V" extra strong hold non-aerosol hairspray
  14. TRESemme "Keratin Smooth" heat protection spray

Liquid Hand Soap

  1. Dial "Vanilla Honey" eco-smart hand soap refill
  2. Jergens "Extra Moisturizing" hand wash
  3. The Unscented Company hand soap

Image: Averie Woodard

Bar Soap

  1. Allenbury's "Basic Soap" white soap bar
  2. Cetaphil "Gentle Cleansing Bar" soap
  3. Dove "White" beauty bar soap*
  4. Olay "Sensitive Skin" unscented beauty bar soap

Facial Cleansers and Makeup Removers

  1. Avon "True Color" moisturizing makeup remover lotion*
  2. Cetaphil "Gentle" skin cleanser
  3. Garnier "All-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water" gentle makeup remover
  4. Marcelle "Make-up Removing" cleansing cloths
  5. Pond's "Cold Cream" cleanser and makeup remover*

Body Wash

  1. Bioderma "Atoderm" gentle shower gel
  2. Dove "Deep Moisture" body wash
  3. St. Ives "Soothing Oatmeal & Shea Butter" body wash

Face Moisturizers

  1. Cetaphil "Daily Facial" SPF 15 broad spectrum moisturizer*
  2. Eucerin "Dry Skin Replenishing" face creme*
  3. Marcelle "Daily Hydration" moisture cream*


  1. Aveeno "Protect + Hydrate" SPF 60 sunscreen
  2. Coppertone "Sport" SPF 30 lotion*

Lotions and Creams

  1. Cetaphil "Sensitive" moisturizing lotion
  2. Neutrogena "Norwegian Formula" fragrance-free hand cream*
  3. Nivea "Original" moisturizing creme
  4. Udderly Smooth "Greaseless" body cream*
  5. Vaseline "Intensive Care" unscented body lotion*

Image: Dc Lovensky

Makeup Foundations, Powders, Concealers

  1. Estee Lauder "Double Wear Stay-in-Place" makeup
  2. Estee Lauder "Double Wear Stay-in-Place" powder makeup compact
  3. Guerlain "Multi-Perfecting" concealer
  4. L'Oreal "True Match Super-Blendable" makeup*
  5. Marcelle "Hypo-Allergenic" translucent loose face powder*
  6. Maybelline New York "Fit Me Matte + Poreless" foundation
  7. Maybelline New York "Instant Age Rewind, Eraser Dark Circles" concealer*
  8. Stellar "Limitless" concealer
  9. Too Faced "Diamond Light Multi-Use" highlighter powder*


  1. Avon "Rare Pearls" roll-on women's antiperspirant*
  2. Avon "Unscented" roll-on unisex antiperspirant
  3. Degree "Clinical Protection Active Shield" women's antiperspirant
  4. Dry Idea "Advanced Dry" fresh scent roll-on antiperspirant
  5. Dry Idea "Advanced Dry" unscented roll-on antiperspirant
  6. Gillette "Endurance" men's antiperspirant
  7. Secret "Clinical Completely Clean" antiperspirant clear gel


  1. Tom's of Maine "Silly Strawberry" toothpaste

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by Kristen Hovet

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