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BRIGID is a Canadian health and wellness news site featuring evidence-based, science-informed dispatches from reliable sources around the world.

We are passionate about factual news delivered in an interesting and open-minded way. Our journalists bring you the latest in Health, Psychology, and Social Issues. Where applicable, we take a solutions journalism approach, which means we avoid "doom and gloom" stories that are focused solely on reporting problems. We believe that journalism should inform, inspire, and empower.

Kristen Hovet
Contributing Editor: Kristen Hovet
Kristen is a science journalist specializing in the areas of psychology, health, and sociology. Her focus is on bridging aspects of the humanities and science, and making science information accessible and meaningful to a wide variety of individuals. She received her English degree from Simon Fraser University. A lifelong learner with many interests, she has completed certificates in epigenetics, personalized medicine, physiology, genetics and evolution. @kristenhovet

Chantelle Clark
Writer: Chantelle Clark
Chantelle is a freelance writer specializing in website blogs, academic articles, and seductive web copy. When she isn't writing, you can find her tucked away in her reading nook, fine-tuning her fitness levels, or nerding out over the latest gaming craze. @kementarrii

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About Our Name

Image: Catholic Saints

Our name, BRIGID, is inspired by Brigid, goddess of healing, poetry, and fire. Brigid was later syncretized into the Catholic church, as Saint Brigid of Kildare.

We are not affiliated with any religion or ideology.

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